1. What products do you use?

    I use a variety of high-end products on brides. Some of my favorite brands are Makeup Forever, Cover FX, Laura Mercier, Milk Makeup, Tarte, Hourglass, Danessa Myricks, Charlotte Tilbury, bareMinerals and Anastasia of Beverly Hills.

    For airbrush I use Temptu and Graftobian.

    For a custom vegan or hypoallergenic makeup application, I use primarily Arbonne, but also Ere Perez and Thrive Causmetics.

  2. What is the difference between traditional and airbrush? Airbrush lasts longer, right?

    Both have their pros and cons. I do not actually prefer one over the other. I like them both.

    For lack of a better explanation, airbrush is like paint on your face. It sits on top of your skin and does last longer, especially if you have oily skin or are crying A LOT, BUT (and this is a big but, so keep reading), it will also scrape off your face like paint. That being said, if you are a big face toucher or prone to scratching your face, I typically recommend going with traditional makeup. If you scratch you face with a fingernail, you can actually remove a stripe of makeup, which is pretty noticeable, so just be careful in that regard.

    Traditional makeup, on the other hand, tends to blend and settle with the natural oils of your face. If you have dry skin it lasts just as long. Whenever possible, I use waterproof makeup, so if you are crying it will last, but if you are balling or heavily wiping at your face, it will eventually come off, waterproof or not.

  3. How does the booking process work?

    Once I receive your inquiry I will send you a questionnaire with a few important things that I need to know to provide you with a detail price quote.

    After receiving your questionnaire I will send you a cost proposal.

    If you are still deciding, we will schedule a trial application. Upon booking, the cost for your trial will be applied to your overall package price.

    Once you decide that you’d like to book, I will send you a contract, as well as an invoice for your deposit. From here, we will schedule your bridal preview, if you haven’t already done a trial.

    I will work with you, your planner and/or photographer and we will put together a day-of schedule. For more than 8 services, and/or if time dictates, we will book an assistant artist.

    On the day we will show up professionally dressed and 15 minutes early with all the equipment, chairs, lighting and product that will be needed for the big day!

  4. Can we add or subtract services?

    It happens quite often that your family and friends will see how amazing everyone looks, and decide to add services on the day that they had previously declined. This is totally okay, and fine to inquire about on the day, but unfortunately time may not always allow for services to be added on the day. We also take pride in our punctuality and follow the agreed upon timeline to-a-T so that you will be ready on time. We ask that your bridal party also respect that timeline.

    Unfortunately, removing services after the final count has been decided is not allowed, and you will be billed for the full amount. This is mainly because assistant artists are expecting a certain amount of work on the day, and I need to also fulfill my obligation to my employees.

  5. Do you have minimums?

    I only have minimums for a handful of VERY popular wedding dates, so please inquire about your date. I also specialize in adventure elopements, so don’t be scared to inquire regarding your 4AM call time! I love them.

  6. When do you recommend booking my trial?

    I frequently fill my calendar more than a year in advance, so if you are still deciding on your artist I recommend booking your trial as soon as possible. You can also book your trial prior to engagement or boudoir photos to get maximum usage out of your look. If you have already booked with me I recommend doing your bridal preview 4-8 weeks prior to your wedding. Because my weekends are very busy, I can no longer offer weekend trial/preview appointments, so trials are done during my business hours. If you are an out-of-state bride I am happy to do your bridal preview the day before your wedding if needed. If at all possible it’s best to do a preview so that you are 100% happy with your look and everything can go as smoothly as possible on the day.

Katie Brown