Great Skincare = Great Makeup

Taking good care of your skin leading up to your wedding is key for optimal makeup application. Taking these few steps prior to getting your makeup done will allow for the best makeup application.

1.     Exfoliate. Nothing is more important for a smooth makeup application than exfoliated skin, especially in Colorado’s dry climate. Makeup cannot lay smooth on dry, flaky skin. Dry skin can benefit from a manual exfoliation twice a week. If your skin is sensitive, or breaking out, try something more gentle.

2.     Moisturize. I hear from a lot of brides with oily skin that they don’t use moisturizer because they worry it will make them more greasy. This is logical to think, but not true. Even if you have oily skin, moisturizing after cleansing is crucial. Colorado is a dry climate, so if you aren’t moisturizing your body compensates by producing more oil to keep it hydrated. Just choose a lightweight, water based moisturizer so it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.

3.     Drink water. Hydrated skin is happy skin. Your skin will look more plump, have better color and texture, and be less likely to break out if it is hydrated.

4.     Don’t pick. It’s totally normal to have a breakout before your wedding. It’s an exciting, potentially stressful time! Don’t fret, and definitely don’t pick. Blemishes that have been picked at tend to scab, and scabbing is not easy to cover smoothly. If you have blemishes that you must extract, book an appointment with your favorite esthetician to have extractions done professionally.


Katie Brown