About Us

We are passionate about bringing the best people, products and packages to your event. We pride ourselves on our quality of service, attention to detail and our desire to make each and every event uniquely you. No two people are the same, therefore no two events should ever be the same.


Katie, Taylus, & Tayla

Hi! We are the Schleys! Thank you so much for visiting, and for being interested in The Rendezvous! This business has been such a passion project for us, and we are so excited to not only bring it to fruition, but to share the magic with all of you guys! 

That's me, Katie. I'm a hair and makeup artist, and I've been obsessed with tiny houses since the moment I heard the term. Working weddings lead me to realize that spaces where brides get ready are rarely ideal, and I thought, 'you spend all this time getting ready for this one, special moment, shouldn't all this be special too?' I wanted my brides to feel at home, loved, surrounded by all the people they loved and have everything accessible that they needed. I also realized that juggling all the different vendors and keeping all the details straight was simply overwhelming, so I wanted to create something that would streamline wedding planning a little bit, so my brides could juggle less and enjoy being engaged more! 

When I told my husband my idea of doing hair, makeup and bar services in a tiny house, and then taking said tiny house straight to my brides, he was all in! With twenty years of experience in the construction industry, it was a no-brainer!

And as for my little peanut, Tayla, well she is the biggest fan of The Rendezvous, and I am one lucky mama! We hope you love The Rendezvous as much as we do!